Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take commission?

We charge a monthly fee for our services and we do not accept commission, because the way we work with brands is as an extension of your team. This means that any margins gained through direct retail channels are all yours, it also means that we are an unbiased source. Instead of accepting commission, we charge a monthly subscription fee to fund our day-to-day work for your business. It's the same as hiring and paying someone, except you get an entire team and avoid the headache. We already have a successful track record and the industry experience to push your brand to retail and distribution channels world wide.

How do you make money?

We believe in giving exceptional service to our clients, therefore if we perform a fantastic job for you, you will want to stay with us. We never force increases in our monthly fees; however, if you believe we are exceeding expectations and have significantly increased your contractual value for your business, that brand may, at their discretion, offer to pay slightly more to increase resources and allow us to grow sustainably with you.

Do you buy stock?

No, as previously stated, we are an extension of your team and collaborate with you internally; we are not a traditional distributor, but rather an extension of your business.

Are you a 3PL?

No, we're not. However, we work with a large number of logistics and 3PL centres throughout the world and are always looking to recommend our brands to the appropriate 3PLs in order to achieve a discounted cost for you.

Are you an agent?

No, we're not. For us, sales are crucial, but relationship management is more important; we want to work closely with you to choose appropriate retailers to work with who will do your brand justice and support and nurture its growth. As you can imagine, first orders are fantastic, but re-orders are even more important, which is why we offer this as an account management service because when we list with retailers, we want to guarantee that the product is selling well and that products are re-ordered.